Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So we can already get a conversation started, so great work thus far! Now, if you wanted to know where somebody is from, there is a simple way to ask that.

Cò às a tha thu?

Cò = Who/which
às = from/out of

The pronunciation is: Coe ahs a ha oo

One thing to note is this is not asking "Where you live". It is asking "Where are you from" meaning place of birth or where you grew up. So if you were born in the Maryland but are now living in Scotland, the answer to "Cò às a tha thu?" would be Maryland.

To respond to this, you would say:
Tha mi à [location].

Some locations:
America: Ameireaga
Australia: Astràilia
Canada: Canada
Nova Scotia: Alba Nuadh (Note Alba means Scotland!)
England: Sasann
Germany: A' Ghearmailt
Ireland: Eirann
Italy: an Eadailt
Norway: Lochlann
Russia: Ruisia
Scotland: Alba
Wales: a' Chuimrigh
Europe: an Roinn Eorpa
The United States: na Staitean Aonaichte

So, if somebody was to ask me "Cò às a tha thu?", I would respond "Tha mi à na Staitean Aonaichte".

To ask "where do you live" you say: Càit' a bheil thu a' fuireach?
Càit = Where
bheil = is
fuireach = Staying/permanently residing

To respond, you would say "Tha mi a' fuireach ann an [Location].
So, for me it would be "Tha mi a' fuireach ann na Staitean Aonaichte."

So, a recap of today's and the past few days (including a bit that you should be able to figure out by now!):

Me: Halò! Is mise Aaron.
You: Halò, a Aaron!
Me: Dè an t-ainm a th’ ort?
You: Is mise [You]. Ciamar a tha thu?
Me: Tha mi gu math, tapadh leat! Ciamar a tha thu fhèin?
You: Tha mi gu math! Cò às a tha thu?
Me: Tha mi à na Staitean Aonaichte. Cò às a tha thu fhèin?
You: Tha mi à [location]. Càit' a bheil thu a' fuireach?
Me: Tha mi a' fuireach ann na Statean Aonaichte. Càit' a bheil thu a' fuireach fhèin?
You: Tha mi a' fuireach ann [location].

Me: Hello! My name is Aaron.
You: Hello, Aaron!
Me: What is your name?
You: My name is [You]. How are you?
Me: I am well, thanks! How are you yourself?
You: I am fine! Where are you from?
Me: I am from the United Stated. Where are you from yourself?
You: I am from [location]. Where do you live?
Me: I live in the United States. Where do you live yourself?
You: I live in [location].

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