Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How are you?

Now that we have gotten an introduction down and learned eachother's names, how about a follow-up question and answer? "How are you?" is generally the next step in the cycle, so let's learn that!

Ciamar a tha thu?
How are you?

Key-a-mar ah ha oo (as in the sound of "ue" in blue)

Ciamar = How
tha = are
thu = you

And to return an answer, we can say "I am well" which is:
Tha mi gu math!

Ha me goo mah!

Math = good
"Gu" is a bit tricky. It is the equivalent of adding an "-ly" to a word in english, transforming an adjective into an adverb. You would not say "I am good" in english (or rather, you shouldn't, it isn't proper) instead you would say "I am well".

If you wanted to return the question you can either repeat the same exact question "Ciamar a tha thu" or you could add a little more to it:

Ciamar a tha thu fhèin?
which literally translates to "How are you yourself?"

Key-a-mar ah ha oo hane

Congratulations! You can now hold a three second introductory conversation with somebody in Scottish Gaelic!

Aaron: Halò! Is Mise Aaron. Dè an t-ainm a th’ ort?
You: Is mise [your name].
Aaron: Ciamar a tha thu?
You: Tha mi gu math. Ciamar a tha thu fhèin?
Aaron: Tha mi gu math!


  1. Tha mi gu math, ciamar a tha thu fhèin an-diugh?

  2. Tha mi gu math, tapadh leat! A bheil Gàidhlig agaibh?

  3. 'S math sin! I would love for you to stick around and do some proofreading! And I am quite jealous of your fluency!

  4. PS bu toil leam làrach a mholadh dhut
    I'd like to recommend a site to you

    Gheibhear mòran daoine thall an sin a bhios deònach taic a thoirt dhut.
    There's a lot of folk over there that would be willing to help you.

    'S e coimhearsnachd eadar-naiseanta luchd-ionnsachaidh a th'ann
    It's an international learners' community

    Fòram na Gàidhlig


  5. Tapadh leibh! I'll have to check it out!

  6. Cha chanadh duine sam bith 'tha mi gu math' gu nadarra, ach 'tha gu math'.